Terms & Conditions

The parties to this contract are jointly and severally liable to pay all monies due under this agreement.  We do not provide credit and All accommodation must be paid for in full by credit card at the time of booking, unless otherwise agreed.  This is a Non-Refundable Booking.


***Please Note***

Any person behaving in an aggressive, anti-social manner may be prevented from accessing their accommodation units.  NO refund will be given should this happen.


Client Guarantee

The clients entering into this agreement, accepts the Terms and Conditions and assumes responsibility at all times for any damage caused by themselves or any guest, invites or other people staying at the accommodation

General and normal cleaning is included in the room hire charge but additional charges may be applied if the room requires further cleaning above and beyond the normal cleaning of the site.


The accommodation provider will take all necessary care but will not accept any responsibility for damage or loss of any of the client’s property in the Accommodation facility, either before or during the clients stay

The client is responsible to conduct themselves in an orderly manner and in full compliance with the rules and house policy of the Accommodation management and all applicable laws.


The Motel management reserves the right to intervene or request a guest to leave the Motel if their activities are considered illegal, noisy or offensive in any way. No legal liability is accepted by the Motel management as to costs should this eventuate.


Any towel/bedding/blankets/furniture or any other equipment found to be missing or damaged will incur the full cost of replacement.

The Guest authorises the accommodation provider to deduct all unpaid accounts/ damages/ charges or any other charge incurred by the guest or anyone else with the guest. This will be deducted from the credit card given by the guest as security.

I have read and hereby accept the above Terms and conditions, and authorise the accommodation provider to deduct the cost of my room and any other charges incurred from my credit card.